Riverview School District


Farm to School Programs


The Riverview School District is working with local farms to provide in-season and locally-produced fruits, vegetables and dairy products to students. The Food Services Department is committed to promote life-long health habits around eating by offering a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products daily. The Farm-to-School program supports local agriculture, seasonal eating and helping students learn that food comes from farms and farmers.

We are thrilled to be working with dedicated community partners to achieve this goal and hope you will join us. Together we can create lifelong healthy eating habits for our students!

Taste Washington Day
The Riverview School District participates in Taste of Washington Day, a program that celebrates locally produced foods held during Farm-to-School Month in October. On this day, each school in the district serves a variety of food produced right here in our valley. Please read the Taste Washington Day article for more information.

Harvest of the Month
Harvest of the Month is a program that expands Riverview's Farm-to-School efforts to each month of the school year. This program brings locally grown food to Riverview students and helps them learn about agriculture products in our area. The Harvest of the Month logo was drawn by Lily Daly, a Riverview student.

For Families
Here are some ways that you can share the Harvest of the Month experience:

    • Talk about upcoming Harvest of the Month foods at home. Look up fun facts about each featured food at Fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org for menu planning tools, seasonal recipes and fun fruit and veggie facts.
    • Serve Harvest of the Month foods at home. Watch for special promotions of these seasonal foods in local stores and get your children involved in shopping, selecting a recipe and preparing the foods at home. Oregon State University provides kid-tested recipes that are healthy and delicious.
    • Shop at the local farmers markets to support local farmers and purchase the Harvest of the Month foods. Check out the web pages of the Carnation Farmers Market and the Duvall Farmer's Markets for market day and location information, recipes and vendor profiles.
    • Buy lunch on Harvest of the Month days to send the message that you support our Farm to School efforts to purchase local foods directly from farmers for school meals. The Harvest of the Month day can be found on the school menu.

How can we teach students more?
In addition to bringing farm fresh foods to students, Farm-to-School programs provide an opportunity to try new foods, talk about food choices and think about where our food comes from. Use these resources to grow knowledgeable eaters.

    1. Eat.think.grow offers school gardening education curriculum by grade.
    2. Washivore provides fun facts, purchasing, storage and health benefits of locally grown crops.
    3. WSDA Farm-to-School
    4. USDA Farm-to-School
    5. National Farm-to-School Network

Salad bar from Carnation Elementary Taste Washington Day 2014