Riverview School District

SBA & WCAS Testing Resources for Staff - Spring 2020

WCAP (TIDE) Portal Home: http://wa.portal.airast.org

  1. Select either Test Administrators (Teachers/Proctors) or Test Coordinators (Admins/School Coordinators)
  2. Select Portal Card

a. TIDE (accommodations, student rosters, test tickets)
b. Test Administration Resources (guides, modules, forms)
c. Test Administration (administer assessments)
d. Online Reporting System (monitor testing and print score reports)

3. Log in using your Riverview School District email address:

FIRST TIME USERS: Follow the link to request a new temporary password
FORGOT PASSWORD: Follow the "Forgot Your Password?" link

The district office does not have the ability to reset passwords, but they are able to confirm user email addresses and roles within the system. Any questions/concerns should be emailed to the Teaching & Learning Office Team.

Resource Links

Test Administration Manual (TAM)
Test Coordinator's Manual (TCM)
Test Administrator's User Guide (TA User Guide)
Guidelines on Tools, Supports, & Accommodations (GTSA)
Authorization for Use of Designated Supports for State Testing
Authorization for Use of Accommodations for State Testing
Quick Definitions of Tools, Supports & Accommodations
TIDE User Guide
Professional Standards and Security, Incident, and Reporting Guidelines (PIRG)
TA Script for Student Directions (Smarter Balanced)
TA Script for Student Directions (WCAS)
Calculator and Electronic Device Policy - Coming Soon
Do Not Disturb Sign (English)
Do Not Disturb Sign (Spanish)
Testing Incident Report (Group)
Testing Incident Report (Individual)

Required Forms

Hyperlinked below or download from WCAP/Test Coordinators/General Information. Completed forms are to be submitted by the School Coordinator to the Teaching & Learning Office after testing has concluded.

Test Security Staff Assurance Report
(Must be signed after training/before testing, and again after testing has been completed.)

Training Log
(Used to document all staff attending training sessions. Must be signed by TAs and other staff who proctor assessments.)

School Site Administration and Security Report
(Completed by School Coordinator to document training, testing, and security protocols were followed.)

Teaching & Learning Office
February 21, 2020