Riverview School District


Senior Awards Night 2020 Honors Cedarcrest Students
and Achievements...in a first-ever Virtual Ceremony


The Cedarcrest High School Senior Awards Night is an annual ceremony which announces the recipients of Scholarships, Departmental Awards, the staff-voted Pride of the Pack, academic and athletic achievements, and so much more!

Held on Thursday, June 4, 2020, Cedarcrest Seniors in the Class of 2020 settled in to enjoy the show. However, this year saw them experiencing the annual event in an entirely different way.

In a normal year, hundreds of students, staff, family members, community leaders, and friends would file into the Riverview ESC Assembly Hall, joining together to celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2020.

Cedarcrest Social Studies teacher Dan Armstrong would be preparing to serve as emcee. Cedarcrest principal, Ray LaBate, would begin by welcoming everyone and introducing the night’s program and festivities. Collectively, our community would come together to celebrate the incredible achievements from students in this graduating class.

Emcee and Cedarcrest Social Studies teacher Dan Armstrong
announces scholarship recipients during the virtual Class of 2020 Senior Awards Night.

Instead...everyone was home; barred from being together because of a global pandemic and living within restrictions that make celebrations and attending events impossible right now.

The solution? A pre-recorded, uploaded, virtual ceremony. Once you click play (available via the video link above), you will begin with Mr. LaBate opening the program. Mr. Armstrong remains the host. Appearances are made by Mr. Ruhland and Mr. Frederick. Mr. Armstrong ensures a few surprises happen along the way.

Additionally, representatives from this year’s Valedictorians and Salutatorians share a powerful and moving series of speeches based on the “Hero’s Journey,” inspired, in part, by Mr. Fassler’s sophomore English class. Together, these student speakers help remind us that not only has this particular class endured so much, and overcome so many obstacles, but the future is as bright as ever with our graduates from Cedarcrest High School and the Riverview Learning Center ready to head out into the world.

Top Row (L-R): Valedictorians Olivia DiAcetis and Curtis Nelson, Salutatorian Meg Takezawa
Middle Row (L-R): Salutatorian McKenna Cato, Valedictorian Madison Dunn
Bottom Row (L-R): Valedictorians Abigail Collinwood, Cedric Nagata, Katelyn Wells

A different Senior Awards Night for a very different time. Unmistakable is the impressive achievements within the Class of 2020, who, in the midst of trying times and a pandemic, found a way to inspire, persevere, and define strength and resilience in ways we will never forget.

68 financial scholarships were awarded in the program’s opening portion, with the scholarship process managed and overseen by the United Snoqualmie Valley Scholarship Foundation.

The fifth annual Ann Hart Foundation Scholarship for Women Pursuing Careers in Natural Sciences, recognizing a female student pursuing a career in science and/or science-related education, was awarded to Meg Takezawa in the amount of $10,000.

Several new or returning scholarships were featured in this year's event, including:

Additionally, the Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars organization presented a record number of scholarships (22) this year. Recipient names are provided below.

In addition to the Scholarship Awards, students were also presented with Honor, Merit and Leadership Awards, as well as individual departmental awards, recognizing students who were exemplary in specific areas of study. 

With information provided by the Class of 2020, prior to the Senior Awards Night virtual ceremony, Riverview students have already been awarded nearly $1.3 million in collegiate financial awards. At the local level, community sponsors graciously donated $48,192 through their scholarship programs. 

Cedarcrest principal Ray LaBate addresses the Class of 2020 in a speech,
as part of the Senior Awards Night Virtual Ceremony.

CLASS OF 2020 SCHOLARSHIP SPONSORS: the PTSAs from Carnation Elementary, Cedarcrest High School, Cherry Valley Elementary, Eagle Rock Multi-Age Program, the Riverview PTSA Council, Stillwater Elementary, Tolt Middle School, the Amy Burhen Nurse’s Memorial Scholarship, the Ann Hart Foundation Scholarship, the Bill Carlson Memorial Scholarship, the Carnation Chamber of Commerce, the Carnation City Council, Cedarcrest Band and Guard, Cedarcrest High School STEM, Christi Irwin & Associates, the David L. Ryles Memorial, Duvall Chamber of Commerce, Duvall Civic Club, Duvall Firefighters Association, Duvall Foundation for the Arts, the Kyle Warren Heyting Memorial, the Linnerooth/Waldner Team, Redemption Church STEM, Riverview Education Association, Riverview Education Foundation, Riverview School Board, the Robert Jewel Memorial Scholarship, Rotary Foundation of Duvall, Sno-Valley Tilth, the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network, and Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars.



: Connor Aksama, Haylee Bostron, Abigail Collinwood, Olivia DiAcetis, Madison Dunn, Cedric Nagata, Curtis Nelson, Katelyn Wells.

Salutatorians: McKenna Cato, Hogan Chase, Meg Takezawa.

Principal's Leadership Award: Shareni Ojeda-Silva.

"Pride of the Pack" Distingushed Senior Awards: Zeynep Biyikli, McKenna Cato, Abigail Collinwood, Camryn Coppess, Olivia DiAcetis, Kevin Durand, Nathan Gerde, Shad Mills, Cedric Nagata, Kolby Nelson, Broderick Robertson, Shareni Ojeda-Silva.

National Merit Scholarships Finalist: Ethan Duer.

National Merit Scholarships Semifinalists: Connor Aksama, Kyle Branson, Olivia DiAcetis.

National Honors Society Honors Cord Recipients: Hayden Bhavsar, Chloe Bigleman, Zeynep Biyikli, Haylee Bostron, Hannah Bomgardner, Nicolo Cammarano, Paige Carter, McKenna Cato, Hogan Chase, Emma Cimino, Abigail Collinwood, Payten Croshaw, Evie Darrington, Olivia DiAcetis, Ethan Duer, Madison Dunn, Connor Eck, Makena Guenther, Erin Hall, Sophia Harrington, Jeffrey Henion, Hannah Hobbs, Melissa Hunt, Cameron Kohlruss, Lauren Lakin, Ashley Lamb, Brielle Le Blanc, Emma Leniszewski, Helen Lutzenhiser, Emmaline Madigan, Maxwell Martin, Emily McCracken, Leila Misallati, Hunter Moore, Cedric Nagata, Curtis Nelson, Shareni Ojeda-Silva, Jeneveve Osborne, Jordan Paradis, Rylie Ringer, Anna Stefani, Hannah Svedberg, Meg Takezawa, Raeven Tan, Tabitha Tenney, Katelyn Wells, Jessica Winston, Jenna Young.

Cedarcrest Honors Graduates: Connor Aksama, Bryce Anderson, Maria Arguelles, Jackson Beard, Gabrielle Beck, Hayden Bhavsar, Chloe Bigleman, Zeynep Biyikli, Haylee Bostron, Cameron Brady, Eli Brown, Mackenzie Brown, Reilly Bryant, Aiden Callaghan, Nicolo Cammarano, Kailani Canning, Paige Carter, McKenna Cato, Hogan Chase, Emma Cimino, Abigail Collinwood, Evie Darrington, Nathan Dawkins, Olivia DiAcetis, Elizabeth Dombek, Ethan Duer, Madison Dunn, Connor Eck, Adam Elbahouty, Zoe Geisbush, Logan Griffin, Sophia Harrington, Mark Hegewald, Jeffrey Henion, Hannah Hobbs, Melissa Hunt, Conner Johnston, Kristian Kaldestadt, Hannah Kevin, Sophie Kindregan, Hannah Kingsbury, Lauren Lakin, Ashley Lamb, Cameron Lauck, Emma Leniszewski, Helen Lutzenhiser, Emmaline Madigan, Maxwell Martin, Mason Millard, Leila Misallati, Hunter Moore, Cedric Nagata, Calvin Nelson, Curtis Nelson, Alexa Nemeth, Shareni Ojeda-Silva, Jeneveve Osborne, Nathan Parnell, Alexander Perry, Rylie Ringer, Anna Stefani, Meg Takezawa, Raeven Tan, Ginger Van Valkenburg, Katelyn Wells, Hayden Whetten, Malia Wisham, Chloe Wones.

Washington Honors Awards - Top 10% Graduates: Connor Aksama, Maria Arguelles, Jackson Beard, Hayden Bhavsar, Zeynep Biyikli, Haylee Bostron, Koby Brackebusch, Kyle Branson, Nicolo Cammarano, Kailani Canning, McKenna Cato, Hogan Chase, Emma Cimino, Abigail Collinwood, Olivia DiAcetis, Ethan Duer, Hannah Hobbs, Melissa Hunt, Victor Jackson, Helen Lutzenhiser, Maxwell Martin, Hunter Moore, Cedric Nagata, Curtis Nelson, Alexa Nemeth, Nathan Parnell, Alexander Perry, Rylie Ringer, Meg Takezawa, Raeven Tan, Katelyn Wells, Hayden Whetten, Chloe Wones.

United States Marine Corp Awards:

Cedarcrest Athletes Of The Year: Nathan Gerde (Male), Helena Van Ess (Female).

Cedarcrest High School Athletics Hall Of Fame Inductees: Nathan Dawkins (Boys Soccer), Nathan Gerde (Football), Hayden Whetten (Boys Golf).

WIAA Cliff Gillies Student Athletics Award for Citizenship: McKenna Cato, Hayden Whetten.