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Riverview School District Honors 2020 Retirees...Virtually!

RSD Staff Retirement 2020 from RSD407IT on Vimeo.

With COVID-19 shutting down school districts all over the state and nation, end-of-year gatherings and celebrations for students and staff alike have had to be hosted virtually. This year's annual honoring of district retirees was no exception, as six district employees are closing out their tenures in Riverview, effective June 30, 2020. You can watch the Retirement Ceremony, which took place via Zoom on June 9, through the link above.

Learn more about our amazing Class of 2020 Retirees below and watch the ceremony above, recorded as it happened on June 9!

SANDY BECHTEL (Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Riverview ESC)
Sandy has worked in Riverview School District for 14 years, and has served in her role as Executive Assistant to the Superintendent since 2014. She retires with 38 years of Administrative Assistance experience.

While she initially had a dream of becoming an FBI agent someday, Sandy Bechtel retires from Riverview School District after approximately 40 years in working in the public school system. She joined the Issaquah School District in 1980 and worked as a principal secretary at three elementary schools, an assistant secretary at another, before becoming a Personnel Coordinator and Administrative Assistant in Personnel Services for the district. Moving to Riverview School District in 2006, she worked as a Human Resources Coordinator, until being hired as the Executive Assistant to Superintendent Dr. Anthony Smith in 2014.

Admired and respected across the district, in the retirement ceremony Dr. Smith commented that Sandy is, "kind and caring towards everyone she comes in contact with and always conducts herself in a professional manner to model the way in leading others."
KIM CANADY (Administrative Secretary - Student Services, Riverview ESC)
Kim joined Riverview School District in 1989, serving in a number of important roles over the course of 31 years. She has worked as the Administrative Secretary in the Student Services department since 2014.

Prior to her beginning in Riverview as an Educational Assistant with our ECEAP Program in 1989, Kim Canady brought years of volunteer experience to the district, previously working with King County Fire Protection District #35, as an EMT, Defibrillation Technician, CPR Instructor, and firefighter. Those unique experiences have allowed her to thrive in a variety of roles, committees, and opportunities during more than three decades of service to our district. In addition to providing expertise on Emergency Management Committees and emergency preparedness in our district, Kim has worked administratively as an Educational Assistant for the CTE Department at Cedarcrest High School from 1993-1998, a Program Assistant in CTE from 1998-2005, and Cedarcrest's Registrar from 2005-2007, before finding a home in Student Services. In 2007, Kim was hired as the department's Program Assistant, and then moved into the Administrative Secretary role in 2014.

In the virtual retirement ceremony, Dr. Smith shared that Kim "is a solid backbone to the office and the Student Services team. Her skillset and knowledge have helped keep Student Services grounded and functioning."

TRISH HAMILTON (Custodian I, Cherry Valley Elementary)
Trish has worked in Riverview schools since 1994, including more than 20 years as Custodian I at Cherry Valley Elementary.

A proven leader in our district with incorporating recycling and conservation efforts district-wide, Trish Hamilton retires after 26 years of experience working in the Riverview School District. Trish first joined the district as a Subsitute Custodian/Maintenance in 1991, before being hired as Custodian I at Cherry Valley Elementary in 1994. Studying horticulture and business and art in school, her experience in running a landscaping business and being a successful leader in her education and her career, allowed her to help reshape and reimagine the impact a custodian can have on a school and student population.

During the Retirement Ceremony, Dr. Smith said that Trish "is patient, cheerful, and always accommodating to others." He added: "Trish is a hard worker, dedicated, a team player and a huge asset to our district. She recognizes potential problems before they become an issue." Dr. Smith praised Trish for working with her student recycling teams, recognizing that her efforts will leave a significant impact on Cherry Valley and our district for years to come.

DONNA HARVOLD (Special Education Teacher, Tolt Middle School)
Donna has worked in Riverview School District for a total of 29 years, serving as a Special Education teacher since 1996 at Tolt Middle School.

Returning to Riverview School District in 1996, Donna Harvold has brought compassion, kindness, and inspiration to special education students in our middle school and throughout our district. Initially, Donna worked as an Educational Assistant I/II at Carnation Elementary from 1988-1993. Stepping away from Riverview, she completed her student teaching in the Bellevue School District, in a multi-age 3/4 classroom for three years before being hired at Tolt. A graduate of Central Washington University (Go Wildcats!), Donna has always gone the extra mile to help students of all abilities find success through unending kindness and compassion.

In remarks made during Riverview's virtual retirees ceremony, Dr. Smith stated that Donna has routinely and tirelessly "provided individualized instruction, adaptations, and materials in order to meet (student) needs, capitalizing on each individual student's strengths and capabilities.

DIANE MAGNOCHI (School Bus Driver/Driver Trainer, Riverview Transportation Center)
Diane Magnochi retires from Riverview after 29 years of serving as a school bus driver and driver trainer. Diane's trainees have a 100% success rate passing the CDL testing and licensing process.

Dedication, loyalty, leadership, and nothing short of perfection. These words and phrases summarize the legacy of Diane Magnochi as a school bus driver and driver trainer in Riverview over the last 29 years. Originally hired in 1991 as a driver, Diane recognized the need to ensure that the district trains and retains its bus driving staff, and become a Bus Driver Trainer in 2013. As indicated above, she has never had a trainee fail to complete the CDL testing and licensing process, a simply remarkable record which underscores her ability to teach, mentor, and educate those around her.

During Dr. Smith's comments, he mentioned that Diane "keeps our kids safe to and from school, always greeting them by name." Additionally, Dr. Smith shared that "parents have voiced their appreciation of Diane's compassion and kindness when transporting students with special needs. She models the way for other drivers to always be safe and compliant."

CUTBERTO (CUB) NAMBO (Custodian II, Cherry Valley Elementary)
Cub has worked for 21 years in Riverview Schools, most recently as Custodian II at Cherry Valley Elementary from 2008-2020.

An array of experiences can be discovered when looking at the paths which brought Cutberto Nambo to Riverview in 1999. Known as "Cub" to everyone in our district, he has worked in an equestrian center caring for horses and general ranch duties, he worked as a forklift operator in Illinois for 11 years, and worked for several years at a local dairy farm, performing multiple duties and tasks. Arriving at Carnation Elementary in 1999, Cub was hired as a Custodian I at the school before moving to an evening custodial role at Tolt in 2001. Working with the maintenance and grounds team from 2001- 2008, Cub moved into a Custodian II role at Cherry Valley Elementary in 2008, a role he retires from at the end of this year.

Beloved by his colleagues, co-workers, and the community, Cub "always goes the extra mile to complete any special projects for staff members," shares Dr. Smith. He adds: "Cub is thorough, conscientious and prides himself on all his accomplishments. He truly goes the extra mile for others."

The Riverview School District thanks Cub, Diane, Donna, Kim, Sandy, and Trish as they explore the brave new world of retirement and create new experiences and adventures for themselves. We have all benefitted significantly from the moments you have given to our students, families, staff, and community and we are so grateful for the more than 174 years of experience you have collected in Riverview School District.