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Cedarcrest Agriculture Program Named Most Outstanding in the State

Students also won several awards at recent Evergreen State Fair

For the second time in three years, Cedarcrest’s Agriculture program has been named the Outstanding Secondary School Program in the State of Washington. The award was given to Cedarcrest’s Agriculture Education program by the WAAE (Washington Association of Agricultural Educators), an affiliate of the NAAE (National Association of Agricultural Educators).

In receiving the award, the Cedarcrest chapter was evaluated in nine specific areas, including marketing, professional growth, student organization and participation, experiential learning, and more. Letters of reference were submitted and examples of classroom and laboratory instruction and curricula were provided and considered.

Department teachers Sarah Thomas and Seth Thomas have instilled a culture in their classrooms where what is taught must be linked to a specific purpose. Doubling down on engaging students and building quality relationships, both Sarah and Seth creatively find ways to bring the classroom, the student, and the family together.

“Teaching provides, for us, an opportunity for continual learning and growth,” Sarah and Seth wrote in a letter to the NAAE judges. “We feel there is a need for compassionate, strong, and dedicated individuals who are excited about working with children. In our competitive society, it is important for students to not only receive a solid education, but to work with (people) aware of and sensitive to their individual needs.”

Meetings with parents frequently occur, regarding classroom and FFA events. The Agriculture and FFA programs at Cedarcrest not only have high student participation (their classes are always full), but a sense of community exists, as does a true partnership between teachers, students, and families. The excitement surrounding the program has not gone unnoticed.

“Our agriculture program has blossomed,” shares Cedarcrest principal Ray La Bate. “I have had the opportunity to watch the program grow and flourish over the past 19 years into a vibrant, progressive, student-oriented program that benefits our entire community.”

Cedarcrest’s Agriculture and FFA students are seemingly everywhere. They have partnered with the City of Duvall in 2016 to become a Tree City USA, they participate in the annual “Taste Washington Day” with our district’s Food Services team and community farms, they hang plant baskets in both Carnation and Duvall, weed Carnation’s common areas, devote weekends to cleaning up common areas and city parks, grow and sell plants each year for the annual spring plant sale, work with Sno-Valley Tilth to support locally organic grown foods, host the Duvall Seed Exchange, compete in over a dozen competitive competition categories, and participate in a vast array of field trips and real-world learning environments.

“As a rural and agricultural community, it is clear that student experiences in FFA have enabled more interaction and assistance to our local farmers and business people,” said Kim Lisk, a councilperson for the City of Carnation and member of the Carnation Chamber of Commerce. “These students receive a great education, learn lifelong lessons to apply to their everyday lives and are learning what ‘community’ really means.”

Cedarcrest’s agriculture education program consists of horticulture, floriculture, nursery operations, turfgrass management, agriculture metals and woods, small engine repair, electricity and agricultural science.

Consistently one of the most exciting and enriching programs in the Riverview School District, we congratulate Sarah Thomas, Seth Thomas, and all of the students who helped make the NAAE and WAAE take notice and recognize Cedarcrest’s Agriculture Program as the Outstanding Middle/Secondary School Program in the State of Washington.

Cedarcrest Scores Big Success at the 2017 Evergreen State Fair

Cedarcrest FFA competed at the Evergreen State Fair near the end of August 2017 and came home with an impressive haul of awards and recognition in the FFA competitions they competed in. A list, courtesy of the Everett Herald, follows:

FFA Career Development Events (CDE) Natural Resources
Team Placing: First Monroe, 35; Second Granite Falls, 33; Third Cedarcrest, 31; Fourth Snohomish, 24;
Individual Placing: Ella Dianich (Blue Ribbon); Leila Misallati (Red Ribbon); Kendra Mutch (Red Ribbon).

FFA CDE Food Science
Team Placing: First Arlington, 51; Second Cedarcrest, 45; Third Snohomish, 44; Fourth Granite Falls, 41; Fifth Monroe, 21.
Individual Placing: Kendra Mutch (Blue Ribbon); Leila Misallati (Blue Ribbon); Ella Dianich (Red Ribbon).

FFA CDE Livestock Judging
Team Placing: First Meridian, 951; Second Stanwood, 951; Third Granite Falls, 825; Fourth Arlington, 822; Fifth Cedarcrest, 801; Sixth Monroe, 751; Seventh Sedro Woolley, 691; Eighth Sultan, 466; Ninth Snohomish, 438. Individual Placing: Kendra Mutch (Blue Ribbon); Megan Reid (Red Ribbon); Anna Knutson (Red Ribbon).

FFA Horticulture Landscape Displays
First Cedarcrest FFA; Second Cedarcrest FFA; Third Stanwood FFA; Fourth Snohomish FFA; Fifth Arlington FFA.

Horticulture Best of Show
First Cedarcrest FFA; Second Monroe FFA; Third Snohomish FFA.
Special Awards: Dietrich Brooks (Champion, Canning Display); Megan Reid (Champion, Deck Planter); Megan Reid (Champion, Vegetable Display) Kendra Mutch (Reserve Champion, Vegetable Display).

FFA Poultry Type Chickens Standard
Individual Awards: Elsa Brouwer (Champion, Cockerel Reserve); Megan Reid (Champion); Elsa Brouwer (Champion, Pullet Reserve); Ben Bensen (Champion); Megan Reid (Champion, Hen); Ben Benson (Champion, Cock); Megan Reid (Champion, Chickens Bantam Cockerel); Ben Benson (Champion, Pullet; Ducks Young Male Young Female Drake); Ben Benson (Champion, Hen); Ella Dianich (Reserve Champion, Fitting and Showing Novice); Ben Benson (Senior Grand Champion); Megan Reid (Senior Reserve Champion).

FFA Veterinary Science Top Teams
First Cedarcrest FFA; Second place Granite Falls FFA; Third place Arlington FFA; Fourth place Snohomish FFA.
Individual Placing: Anna Knudson (Second), Amy Duer (Third), Avery Jacob (Fifth), Elli Case (Ninth)

FFA Alpaca/Llama Public Relations Obstacle Course
Keaton Downing (Champion); Holly Gunn (Reserve Champion); Amy Duer (Champion); Parker Downing (Champion); Elli Case (Champion).