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Riverview Announces 2017-18 Curriculum Leadership Award Recipients

2017-18 Curriculum Leadership Award Recipients (L-R):
Christie Isler, Erik McFarland, Justin Guyer, Jolene Barrett, Dr. Randy Stocker (Director of Teaching and Learning), Angela Gregorio, Ellie Materi, and Laura McGinnis. Not pictured: Angie Olson

Curriculum Leadership Awards are given annually by Riverview's Teaching and Learning Department to staff members who have shown a high level of commitment to school and district improvement of student learning. Recipients are nominated and chosen by building and district administrators.

At this year's Welcome Back! event on August 29, the following individuals received Curriculum Leadership Awards, presented by Dr. Randy Stocker, Director of Teaching and Learning, and Robin Nordquist, Administrative Secretary for Teaching and Learning. Dr. Stocker's comments on each receipient are provided below.

"Jolene Barrett has been recognized for going above and beyond for students in our Transition Program. For the last two years, all of the students in the Transition Program have completed jobs and work force experiences, and some students have moved on to both part and full time employment. Jolene has added executive function classes to help her students who attend the RLC (Riverview Learning Center). These courses teach students, who in some cases are the first in their family to receive a diploma, how to regulate emotion, organize studies, and develop calendars to help students in developing independence.

Jolene opens up her classroom for students who may need a shower, a warm meal or a safe place to talk with an adult. The ability to provide a safe and supportive place for students whose lives may be in some sort of turmoil or disarray is another example of Jolene’s contributions to students, families and our district. Congratulations to Jolene on being recognized as a Curriculum Leader."

"It is a pleasure to honor Mr. Justin Guyer for the Riverview School District Curriculum Leadership Award, representing Cedarcrest High School. Justin has been teaching science at CHS for the past four years.

Let me begin by saying that in four short years, Justin has transformed the Physics curriculum and classes into a challenging and robust program, growing our offerings to include general physics and AP physics. This past year, in his third year offering AP Physics class, 81% of the students met the passing standard of a score of 3 or better, with an average score of 4.12 out of 5.

Two years ago, Justin took over as science department head and became a member of the site-based council. He has worked hard with the science department to transform the curriculum to meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Along with this task, Justin has been a significant member of the Riverview School District Science Adoption committee and a member of the Puget Sound ESD science leadership team. Further, at the building level, at CHS, Justin was able to generate interest from students to start our first science Olympiad team, found time to coach basketball, is a regular volunteer helping supervise sporting events, and can always be found chaperoning our Homecoming dance and Prom.

I would be remiss to not mention that Mr. Guyer quickly became a very popular teacher at CHS, likely garnered due to his willingness at all times to help students succeed and his high visibility at extracurricular events. It is a pleasure to honor Mr. Guyer with the Curriculum Leadership Award."

"Christie Isler has worked to challenge and engage students, who are considered academically talented, for 15 years in the Program for Academically Talented. Her work with these inquisitive, curious, challenging and quirky students is to be admired. She works to help students to think deeper, provide details, and justification beyond what they may feel is adequate, and to provide explanations beyond what can sometimes come easily to these students.

Christie is also a building leader at Carnation taking on multiple building leadership roles, heading extra-curricular activities, including math competitions around the state, and, supporting music and the arts. These are but a few of the reasons that make Christie a highly valued and influential educator. Congratulations to Christie on being recognized as a Curriculum Leader."

"Three years ago, at a training for kindergarten teachers at the Puget Sound ESD, our kindergarten teachers made a decision to assess students in a way that provides more information to support their learning. I am often asked how we 'got our teachers to assess beyond the one-time-a-year state requirement' and my response is the teachers decided this was in the best interests of their students.

This initial decision has guided the beliefs of the members of our Kindergarten Lead Team: Angela Gregorio, Angie Olson, Ellie Materi, and Laura McGinnis. These four leaders have been instrumental in tracking state and regional developments in kindergarten, advocating and securing additional training and support for our kindergarten teachers, and working to help parents and guardians better understand teaching learning as students enter the Riverview School District."

"Erik McFarland has a unique ability to question students in a way that leads to student ownership in learning. Erik took a fledgling robotics program, one in which students coded off-the-shelf robots, to a full fledged robotics program in which students are building their own robots. Together with his teaching partner Scott Coats, Erik built an NGSS Science-Based Curriculum.

Erik has been a building and district leader in exploring emergent technology and was highly influential in guiding the thinking and usage of student-issued devices at Tolt Middle School. He has been consistently willing to lead and support the use and role of technology in our district. Erik’s easy-going nature, critical thinking, warm demeanor and approachability make him a valued resource for students and staff across our district. Congratulations to Erik on being recognized as a Curriculum Leader."

Echoing Dr. Stocker's words from "Welcome Back!", we congratulate this year's Curriculum Leadership Award recipients and thank them for all they do for our Riverview community.