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Riverview Names 2016-17 Curriculum Leadership Award Recipients

L-R: Brendan Haley, Molly Trautman, Terry McClintic, Gail White, Wendy Ward, Heather Nelson, Jenni Freeburg, Tracie Kelly, and Dr. Randy Stocker, Director of Teaching and Learning.
(Not pictured: Karen Mayfield)

On August 30, 2017, during the Riverview School District's Welcome Back! program, Riverview's Director of Teaching & Learning, Dr. Randy Stocker, honored the following educators as recipients of the 2016-17 Curriculum Leadership Awards:

Brendan Haley
| Tolt Middle School
In his remarks to the Riverview staff, Dr. Stocker talked about how Haley has mastered the art of developing relationships with students. He shared that “It is without a doubt, his ability to build relationships with kids, which couldn’t be taught, sets him apart and it is why he deserves this award.” Frequently in the hallway outside his door between classes, or greeting students as they enter his classroom, Haley talks to every one of his students personally each day, ensuring that his kids have a kind word, smile, and pat on the back to take forward with them for the rest of the day.

Terry McClintic
| Riverview Learning Center/PARADE
McClintic was described as “selfless”, “diligent”, and “tireless.” Acknowledged for being a leader and mentor in helping teachers and students prosper together in their use of technology, she increased her workload to include the teaching of science to her existing math class at the RLC. Additionally, McClintic collaborated with teachers at Cedarcrest High School, improving student learning at that building, and continues to be a leader in the PARADE Program, where she makes a point to conference with all PARADE High School students and families.

Molly Trautman
| Cherry Valley Elementary
As the P.E. teacher at Cherry Valley Elementary, Trautman was recognized as creating a fun and enriching environment, showing students how to live healthy lives. She instilled in her students the CV 3: Show Respect, Make Good Choices, and Solve Problems. Dr. Stocker shared that Trautman creates a culture where positivity and success go hand-in-hand. Held to high expectations, students are reminded that if they are tired or hot after a class with her, “that means we did our job today.”

Gail White | Cedarcrest High School

Energy and excitement were cited by Dr. Stocker as two significant reasons why Gail White has achieved great results in her 12 years as a Special Education teacher at Cedarcrest High School. Never shying away from a tough assignment, White exhibits an ease with which she develops relationships with both students and parents alike. She collaborates with general education teachers in a partnership that has reaped great rewards in and out of the classroom. Dr. Stocker added that White’s efforts have made Cedarcrest a better place for students with disabilities, and a great environment with which students and adults both can learn from one another.

The PLL Team
| Riverview School District
Jenni Freeburg | Tracie Kelly | Karen Mayfield | Heather Nelson | Wendy Ward

Additionally, a Team Curriculum Leadership Award was presented to the Riverview School District’s team of PLLs (Professional Learning Leaders), teachers serving as mentors and coaches for other teachers and staff throughout the district. Dr. Stocker praised the PLL team for developing a strong reputation in all buildings for their knowledge and expertise in designing instruction for students and adults. They played an integral role in making sure staff made a smooth transition to the use of Office 365 throughout the district, and have been instrumental in assisting staff in targeted professional learning opportunities to ensure proficiency and success.

Curriculum Leadership Awards are given annually by Riverview's Teaching & Learning Department to staff members who have shown a high level of commitment to school and district improvement of student learning.

We congratulate and celebrate these educators on creatively finding ways to maximize learning potential for all our Riverview students.