Riverview School District


The Riverview Way Outlines Mission, Vision and Strategic Direction
for Riverview School District

Over the past year, the Riverview School District looked internally at their Mission statement, Vision statement, systems and operations, and strategic goals, analyzing how everything fit together. The result was a collaborative document called The Riverview Way, which defines these important components for both our internal students and staff and external Riverview community.

"The purpose of this booklet is to communicate our priorities and how they work together to continually improve upon the wonderful culture that exists in our district," reads a portion of the opening remarks, serving as the introduction to the booklet.

Reading through The Riverview Way, patrons will also find the district's Values and Beliefs, existing definition of Equity and Access, and how Riverview focuses on personalizing student learning with an equity lens.

At the centerpiece of the document, the district's Teaching and Learning, Information Technology, and Student Services departments define their "Culture of Collaboration," outlining the ways the three teams work together in achieving goals and priorities in the broader context of the district's overall strategic direction.

We encourage you to click the image above and read through The Riverview Way and find out more about Riverview and the district's focus in meeting their mission to "Educate Children," and achieve their vision in becoming a "National Model of Educational Excellence."