Riverview School District



A Message from Kaye Wetli, Riverview School District Food Services Supervisor

The Riverview School District Food Services Department, in partnership with the Washington School Nutrition Association and the Washington State Department of Agriculture Farm-to-School Program, is celebrating Washington agriculture on October 4, 2017, with TASTE WASHINGTON DAY. Our Food Services team has been working with local farmers to bring students a great meal made with locally grown food from Local Roots Farm, Full Circle Farm, Tractor Farm, One Leaf Farm, Steel Wheel Farm, Lettuce Love Farm, and Carnation Farms, featuring food grown right here in our valley. The food will be served on the salad bars at all schools at lunch.

The FFA members from Cedarcrest High School will be participating by being in the cafeterias to promote agriculture and offer samples of the locally grown produce to all students. We will have a variety of fresh produce, including Asian Pears, Roasted Red and Gold Beets, Radishes, Mini Sweet Peppers, just to name a few. Apples from the Okanogan Valley from American Express Produce will also be served.

We will be offering jersey jack cheese cubes from Cherry Valley Dairy, which is located down the road from Cherry Valley Elementary School. The jersey herd spends the year grazing in the beautiful meadow in the heart of the Snoqualmie Valley. 

Thank you to the 14 Cedarcrest students who helped in the kitchen on Monday morning, washing, slicing, and bagging the almost 400 pounds of fresh produce to prepare it for sending out to all of the schools.

TASTE WASHINGTON DAY will be a great opportunity for students to try these seasonal foods grown by our committed local farmers. Please encourage them to participate in the school lunch program that day and to taste something new from these delicious offerings!