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Riverviews - Winter/Spring 2016



Winter/Spring 2016 Edition

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Riverviews - Winter/Spring 2016


Riverviews is a triannual e-Newsletter about what's happening in our schools. We hope you find Riverviews a helpful tool and resource in allowing you to gain a better understanding of what's taking place in our District on a daily basis. 


As the District achieves its mission to "Educate Children" and fulfills its vision of becoming a national model of educational excellence, this newsletter will spotlight the work being done to meet the Riverview School District's mission and vision.


In this edition of the Riverviews e-Newsletter, our District Level Administrative Team share updates and offer perspectives, thoughts, and a look at some of the exciting things happening within their individual departments.

As always, we thank you for taking the time to read through this latest edition of Riverviews!



Michael Ward
Communications Coordinator
Riverview School District


Superintendent's Message
Dr. Anthony Smith


Dear students, staff, parents, and community members:


Emergency Preparedness Improving in the District and Community


I am very excited about how our hard work and partnerships are paying off toward keeping our students, staff, and community as safe as possible, during and outside of the school day. 

Over the past three years we have accomplished the following:

  • Standardized our language and procedures district-wide, including student and staff drills
  • Coordinated with emergency services, including fire and police departments, first responders, and Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps.  We now hold quarterly meetings and have developed a five-year plan.
  • Reestablished a School Resource Officer at Cedarcrest High School
  • Increased or plan to increase police presence at all schools district-wide
  • Established trained Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) at all schools and at the district office.  These teams are trained to assume roles that will organize efforts and keep students safe during an emergency.
  • Implemented a system to consistently update our emergency supply storage containers, district-wide.
  • Communicated consistently with students, staff, parents, and the community about issues related to emergency response.

Our next step is to complete an "intruder drill" at Cedarcrest High School on Wednesday, June 29th. This will involve district-wide administrators, other staff members, some students, and area responders, including fire, police, and other emergency services.  After successful completion of that drill we will begin making plans to conduct similar drills at the secondary level that involve our students and staff in a comprehensive manner.  Also, embedded in the five-year plan is an increase of partnering with response services for disaster planning and drills.  Thanks to everyone for supporting these efforts.  We are well on our way toward becoming a model program in the area of safety!  




Dr. Anthony L. Smith



Business Services
Bill Adamo, Director


I am pleased to echo in Dr. Smith's comments that the Riverview School District has enhanced our partnerships with our community Police and Fire Departments and King County Sheriff's office to help ensure the safety of all students and staff.


The Riverview School District also conducts periodic meetings that include district and school representatives; community members; and our police and fire partners for the purpose of disaster & emergency preparedness.  


It is because of these partnerships and meetings that our ability to have excellent communication during an emergency is increased and made easier.  District officials and the Duvall Police and Fire departments just conducted a very successful table top drill simulating an active shooter at Cedarcrest High. We were pleased to have our district administration team on hand watching and observing the drill, as well as representatives from the City of Carnation watching and taking part in the exercise as well.


Additional Business and Operations activities currently ongoing include:

  • Intense preparation of developing a preliminary draft of the 2016-17 fiscal year operating budget is in process.
  • The State Auditor's Office has just concluded the compliance audit of the 2014-15 fiscal year. The results will reflect favorably on district operations.
  • We are very enthusiastic that a school site property acquisition initiative will be coming to conclusion in the near future.


Michael Ward, Coordinator

http://files.ctctcdn.com/f67bf2ee001/71746c51-4a4e-44b9-a762-7796325f0fee.jpgI am proud to announce that we have listened to you, and have now successfully integrated alumni in our district communications plans. The one thing that came through again and again from our community Strategic Planning forum attendees last spring was an active interest and curiosity in our reaching out to alumni and reporting on what they are up to.

There are, luckily, no shortage of great and interesting people to reach out to and contact for alumni articles. The connections in this Valley run deep, the threads stretch long, and I, and the Riverview School District as a whole, are very excited to see where these inquiries lead us.

In addition to incorporating alumni interviews and articles into our story and article bank, a rotation will occur, balancing alumni stories with our very popular Employee Highlight articles. Our first alumni piece brings both of those worlds together, as Wes Pierce was not only a graduate from Riverview in 1995, but is currently teaching 7th grade science at Tolt Middle School.

In sitting down with Mr. Pierce, we were able to provide a glimpse into what it is like to grow up in a community, view it from afar, and then come back and teach the children and relatives of people you went to school with. We also looked back at his recent retirement from the military, after 20 years of dedicated service to our country.

Each alumni interview and employee highlight article offers us a chance to see the world through a different set of eyes, gain unique perspectives, and learn more and more about people each and every day. 

If you did not have a chance to read my interview with Mr. Pierce, I humbly offer the link below and stand excited with you, waiting to see what stories and memories are shared in the weeks and months to come.

An Interview with Wes Pierce


Food Services
Kaye Wetli, Supervisor


Schools in the Snoqualmie Valley Team Up with Farms to Serve MORE Fresh Local Food


Farm to school programs have taken root across the country, and here, in the heart of the Snoqualmie Valley farm country, schools and farms are gearing up to serve students more foods grown in our community.


Last fall, the U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center a Local Food Promotion Program grant to strengthen the farm to school supply chain.  In collaboration with Sno Valley Tilth, Riverview School District and Monroe School District, the project aims to increase the school district's' ability to purchase, prepare and promote more local foods in school meals while also helping farmers sell more of their products to the schools.


Riverview already sources products from local farms.  Anyone with school-age students in the district is familiar with "Harvest of the Month" and "Taste Washington Day," both programs designed to feature fresh local food.  The grant will help the district to strengthen and simplify procurement procedures for local foods while remaining compliant with federal regulations, increase incorporation of local foods in school meals, and develop promotional materials targeting the local food served. 


The farmer side is restricted by regulation around food safety, so the project also aims to help interested farmers in the valley develop food safety plans and prepare applications for food safety certification.  The hope is that coming at the challenges from both sides will open a channel for further collaboration between farms and schools.


Riverview School District Food Services staff is thrilled with this opportunity to introduce more local students to more local food! 


Human Resources
Janet Gavigan, Director


The hiring season has begun at the Riverview School District!  Although we do hire all year long - an instructional aide here, a custodian there, a long-term substitute when needed - the official yearly hiring season for certificated staff starts in March and will continue until all positions are filled. 


As the teacher shortage continues across the state, finding qualified teachers is a challenge for everyone.  Districts all around us are in the same boat.  We are all looking to find the best teachers and teachers who will build their careers at Riverview.  As those of us who work at Riverview already know, our district is a place with a great community and district support.  It is a place where staff works together collaboratively with a focus on student learning.  


Classroom teachers have the resources, curriculum, technology, facilities, and professional development to be effective at their jobs.  Class sizes in Riverview are smaller in general then in surrounding districts.  Smaller size mean teachers are able to get to know a student's strengths and challenges well and as a result this benefit means we are able to continue in our mission to personalize learning.  If current employees know excellent teachers who want to work at Riverview, direct them to the Riverview Human Resources Department.  We are here to answer questions and help them apply for open positions. 


Also needed are more substitutes for all types of positions.  Our largest hiring season for substitutes is during the summer although we do accept substitute applications all year long.  Substitutes are vital for daily operations as they are needed to keep the classrooms going when staff are ill or are receiving professional development.  Based on feedback from this past fall, the HR Department worked to offer training specifically for substitutes in two areas:  using technology in the classrooms and working with students with disabilities.  The district's technology specialist, Karen Mayfield, provided a course on using the classroom Active Boards and other related equipment and district psychologists, Jessica Bierhaus and Rachel Reed, educated subs on a variety of student disabilities, unique needs and behaviors and how to provide support when subbing.  Both classes were highly attended and feedback was positive.  


If you or someone you know would like to come and work for a district who has the best students, treats people well, and is always looking for ways to get even better, send them to Riverview.  


Our website is easy to follow and applying for a job is a simple process. Please click the link below to find out more information!

Human Resources

Information Technology
Paul Censullo, Director


Riverview Explores the 1:1 Laptop Environment


Riverview has begun a comprehensive process to examine the goals, research, and student successes in having a 1:1 classroom environment (1 laptop for every 1 student). It began in September with a 1:1 pilot program with all 8th grade students in the math and science classes at Tolt Middle School. As part of the process, a 1:1 advisory group was formed to look at research and best practices in 1:1 classrooms, locally and around the country. The group visited schools in four surrounding districts that have had comprehensive 1:1 programs in place for a number of years. Areas observed that were positively impacted included:

  • Equity for all students
  • Greater access to technology as a classroom tool
  • Student Engagement
  • Student Learning
  • Student Organization
  • Student and Teacher Collaboration
  • Student Future Work Place Skills

The ongoing 1:1 Advisory Committee shared its findings to date with parents and staff at a community forum on March 1st.


The successes in our 8th-grade science and math pilot have encouraged us to take steps in expanding this program to 8th grade language arts and social studies classes, as well as math, science, and 9th grade language arts classes at Cedarcrest High School.


We look forward to providing these powerful tools to all students to help improve their learning opportunities and 21st Century Skills.


Student Services
Dr. Kenneth Heikkila, Director


New Partnership for Early Learning Opportunities in Riverview


The Riverview School District has had a long history offering early learning programs for preschoolers. In the past Head Start was provided in Riverview, and currently ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program) is the program model. 


In the 2016-2017 school year, the ECEAP program will be continuing. The difference will be the Riverview School District partnering with Encompass of North Bend as they organize and provide the ECEAP services in the Carnation location.


Encompass will share their expertise and highly qualified staff to run the program. And, with Encompass having an additional reach in the Carnation/Duvall end of the Snoqualmie Valley, they will likely be adding more services for early learning. They already provide Birth-to-Three services for children with developmental delays, and Encompass is looking at other programs and services to serve young children before they enroll in kindergarten.


Encompass' expertise in early learning will be a significant benefit to the children living in the Riverview School District's boundaries. 


Teaching & Learning

Roni Rumsey, Director


Dear Riverview Community:


The Teaching and Learning Department is in full swing with the many different types of required assessments our students take between now and the end of the school year.  Our experience over the last few years has really enabled us to administer these assessments in the most time efficient and effective manner.  We anticipate Smarter Balanced scores being available much earlier than they were last year. 


This year we have focused on student discourse in our professional learning for staff.  Discourse, student talk, argument and other terms fall under the broad heading of student engagement, which is one of our main initiatives this year.  In our work, students are often presented a problem and asked to come up with a solution.  These problems have more than one solution, thus, providing students the opportunity to explore their thinking, create a defense, and modify their thinking.  All standards that students are assessed on have some form of written discourse involved.


On a final note, we are currently finalizing details for Full Day Kindergarten.  This is an exciting opportunity for our youngest students and I am confident our program is going to be outstanding.  If you have questions about how Full Day Kindergarten will look, please don't hesitate to call.


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