Riverview School District

New Teacher Evaluation Process Forms

1 Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation Process Outline

2 Comprehensive Goal Setting Form

3 Self Assessment Rubric (for both Comp. and Foc)

3 a Reflection Summary-Optional (for both Comp. and Foc.)

4 Student Growth and Goal Setting Form (for both Comp. and Foc.)

5 Pre-Conference Tool for Classroom Observation

6 Observation Rubric Form

7 Post-Conference Tool--Reflecting on Teaching

8 Walkthrough Log (for both Comp. and Foc.)

9 Levels of Performance by 8 State Criteria Form (for both Comp. and Foc.)

10 Comprehensive Evaluation EOY Form

11 Focused Teacher Evaluation Process Outline

12 Focused Goal Setting Form

13 Focused Evaluation EOY Form